Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final part 3

This is my most successful because I Create Original Art and I Developed My Art Making Skills. I think this is so successful because the animal looks so good cut in half with a lemon on the inside. I really developed my skills because this fish is lemon on the middle and i couldn't do that before this class. I also looked online and no one else has made this piece of art.

 Do over

This is the picture I would do over. There are a couple reasons why I want to do this over because I really enjoyed doing it. Another reason is that there are a couple things I need to fix. First I need to fix my body because I have no ankles and that makes me look really short. Seconds I would give the ball a shadow, and finally make Cleveland and the score board look more realistic.

Final Part 2

 I Developed My Art Making Skills
Did you learn new techniques or processes as part of the work for this project? 
Yes I did learn new techniques during making this piece of art. The new skills learned here was taking a picture texture and making a paint brush out of it. I also learned how to make a shadow

Did you gain skill with familiar materials?
Yes I got really skillful with Photoshop which is the program I used for this picture

Art Final

Morgan Freeman

Technology played a big role in this piece of work. To make this art first we came to the computer lab to make a pixelated picture. To make this picture we got a picture from the web for example this one is morgan freeman. Next on the computer we colored the picture yellow blue and green with post it notes pictures from the web. After that we pixelated the picture so that enough that we could only tell who it is from far away. We printed the picture and then got the same color post it notes. Finally we grid off the pic of Morgan freeman, and put the post it notes on a big picture  and hung it up.
Light Painting
art of apex This piece of technology was very heavily affected by art. This technology piece was taken with a camera, flashlight, and laser pointer. To make this piece we turned of the lights and put the camera on long exposure, about 10 seconds. Next we had Jack Stand still while Grayson took a flashlight and drew fire around his hands. At the same time Jacob outlined the fire with a white laser pointer. This master piece made by my group would have been only something cool to see without the technology to help capture this moment forever.